What is E-Cell IIT BHU?

E-Cell IIT BHU (The Entrepreneurship Cell) supports entrepreneurship through resources, mentorship, networking, and events like workshops, competitions, and speaker sessions and fosters the overall startup ecosystem in the institute.

It is an institute body run by students devoted to acting as a link between budding entrepreneurs and the existing startup ecosystem. It is a hub where all startups can meet, collaborate and innovate.

Why join E-Cell?

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Foster Entrepreneurial Mindset

Start your Entrepreneurial journey and learn through our programmes like Founder's Talk, AMA Session and E-Mentorship.

Improved Interpersonal Skills

Enhance your skills of Leadership, Communication and Collaboration by working in teams and engaging with industry professionals.

Network With Startup Ecosystem

Expand your network and connect with like minded individuals like fellow entrepreneurs, alumni founderrs and industry experts

Verticals of E-Cell

E-Cell comprises 7 verticals to cater all the functioning and activities pertaining to promotion of entrepreneurial culture in IIT BHU.

Startup Assistance Program

  • Assistance & Mentor Support to young entrepreneurs of IIT BHU (brainstorming/ ideation/ incubation etc.)
  • Maintenance and development of "Entrepreneurship Resource Library", "Startup Ultimate Guidebook", "Learn from the entrepreneurs " & "FAQ Repository".
  • Helping startups in pitch-deck improvement, idea validations, proof-of-concept, MVP planning and development, Growth strategy etc.
  • Organizing initiatives like "Build With Us", "Learn Together", "Entrepreneurship 101",& "Define Your Ideas".

Branding Team

  • Primarily focuses on enhancing the brand value of E-Cell IIT BHU by managing it's official social media accounts.
  • Conducting design and content curation events.
  • Marketing of various inter and intra college events and talks that are organized within the cell.
  • Publicity of various achievements of alums in the field of entrepreneurship.

Technical Team

  • Provide an interactive platform for students to get connected with people of our own college through our official website
  • Maintaining the Startup Directory for start-ups founded by the Alumnis of IIT BHU.
  • Development and maintenance of portals for Campus Director Program, Internships, Startup Services etc.
  • Responsible for building and handling of the TIIC website

Events Team

  • Handling and organizing all the events, webinars, and workshops, conducted by E-Cell during the course of the session.
  • Organizing Founder's speak and Ask Me Anything sessions.
  • Reaching out to speakers for sessions, talks, webinars, and workshops.
  • Work as the marketing, publicity, and PR team for every competition organized by E-Cell.
  • Responsible for managing all the logistics, operations, and hospitality of all the events.

Relations Team

  • Establishing relationships with external organizations.
  • Collaborating with various companies and brands for providing support to startups during all phases.
  • Helping startups to connect with alumni, mentors, and investors.
  • Maintaining the database of all Investors, Mentors, Accelerators, Incubators, and Alumni Startups.
  • Connecting with all IIT BHU alumni bodies to make a better flow of information between students and alumni.

Strategy and Outreach Team

  • Enhances the cell's visibility and manages communication channels.
  • Promotes events and initiatives and ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants and guests.
  • Measures and assesses the impact of the entrepreneurship cell's activities.
  • Identifies growth opportunities through market analysis, trend monitoring, and innovative thinking

Innovations and Incubation Team

  • Publication of the Quarterly E-Cell IIT BHU’s magazine “E-Digest”.
  • Publication and Promotion of E-Cell IIT BHU’s Weekly Newsletter on Substack.
  • Acts as a connecting link between the various incubators at IIT BHU and students.
  • Conduction of Lecture Series and Entrepreneurship Masterclass sessions.
  • Organizing interview sessions and promotion of IIC/government-funded activities to promote research and entrepreneurship in IIT BHU.